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“My journey from the coal mines of Doncaster to the Glamour and Glitz of the fast paced beauty world in the city is a modern day success story in the mould of Billy Elliot. Dreams can come true. I am proof of that - I was born and raised in the village of Armthorpe, South Yorkshire. Creativity was always at the forefront of my passions, however, I began my working life as a coal-miner in the local colliery to earn enough money to support my move to London and follow my dreams as an artist.

I very quickly adapted my skills from painting on a canvas to painting on a face, this allowed me to establish myself as one of the UK’s leading make-up artists. I have a burning passion to help every person achieve their full beauty potential and for them to exude self confidence when selecting and applying their own makeup. This is why I have created Make Up Intelligence, focusing my meticulous attention to detail and drive to create the ultimate intelligent range. My personal philosophy that external beauty promotes inner self confidence means that I strive to make you look and feel beautiful and be the best version of yourself. The right cosmetics can make anyone look radiant and feel confident in their appearance, whatever their gender, age, shape or colour. Enhancing and transforming, whether it be natural, sophisticated, glamorous or dramatic, my new range Makeup Intelligence does all the thinking for you.” 

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