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Gary Cockerill Makeup is created by award-winning makeup artist and author, Gary Cockerill. With over 25 years of experience and a prestigious client list, Gary is widely respected in the beauty industry.


Gary Cockerill Makeup goes beyond ordinary cosmetics, offering cutting-edge products designed to streamline and enhance your beauty routine. Anchored with multi-purpose formulas, these innovative products can be used alone or in combination to provide versatility and convenience.

The brand is built on the foundation of five pillars: moisturize, protect, enhance, conceal, and correct. Each product is meticulously formulated with powerful ingredients that not only enhance your appearance but also benefit your skin. Our Vegan friendly products are infused with natural extracts such as cucumber, lime, and peach that possess healing and protective properties, antioxidants  vitamin C, D and E, hydrating ingredients Jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid, and collagen and retinol that smooth the appearance of fine lines. 


Gary Cockerill Makeup is committed to sustainability, with a focus on responsible sourcing, eco-friendly packaging and natural ingredients. The brand ids dedicated to preserving the planet while also helping everyone to look and feel their best. 


Join the Gary Cockerill Makeup movement and experience the transformative power of beauty with a conscience. Discover the visionary artistry of Gary Cockerill and unlock the secrets of professional makeup with Gary Cockerill Makeup. 

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