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'I could not have done this book without all the wonderful women featured on the following pages and around the world, who have touched my life, inspired my ideas, defined my perceptions, of what beauty is and proved that being simply glamorous can change your life'

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Celebrity makeup artist Gary Cockerill is best known for his glamorous, sultry makeup styles. Much in demand for his ability to make everyone look and feel fabulous, he regularly travels the world to get clients ready for red carpet events, photoshoots and television appearances. 


In Simply Glamorous, Gary proves that with a little knowledge and practice, anyone can use makeup  to enhance or disguise so they feel confident in their appearance, 

He begins by demonstrating what he loves most about makeup: its ability to transform. By applying four different looks to one face, he shows how the same ‘blank canvas’ can be natural, sophisticated, glamorous or dramatic. 

He then presents 15 breathtaking makeovers on women of all ages, explaining step by step how to re- create the looks. 


Divided into ‘Face’, ‘Eyes’ and ‘Lips’, the transformations range from nude and natural - ‘Barely There’, - to ‘Sun- Kissed Goddess’ and ‘Girl Next Door’ - to high octane glamour - ‘Showgirl’, ‘Bombshell’ and ‘Glamour Puss’. They illustrate every aspect of makeup, from contouring, to false eyelashes, to wearing colour, and include the iconic looks Gary is always asked to create - the smoky eye, the fifties flick and the red lip. ‘Tutorials’ address key topics in greater detail, such as skincare, foundation, contouring and application techniques for the eyeshadow quad and lips. 


As a self - taught makeup artist, Gary works instinctively with amazing results. His approach is creative and painterly, and his teaching style is friendly and down - to - earth as he shows how glamorous makeup can be accessible to everyone. He may not always do things the conventional way, but his techniques are the result of more than 25 years spent working with women and men of all ages, ethnicities and styles. He knows what works and what looks good, and encourages everyone to have fun and experiment with makeup to make themselves look and feel beautiful and glamorous. 



Great book full of practical tips and advice. All different styles of make-up covered to suit all face shapes and ages. Fabulous step by step photos and drawings.

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Amazing book for any MUA or budding make up artist, lots of tutorials and shows how to contour and do your eye make up. Worth the money.

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